Why Interviews are Like Prostitution.


Why Interviewing is Like Prostitution

1) You swear you’ll only do it a few times until you earn some $$$, but a year later you’re still there.

2) You get all dressed up to impress, even though you know you’re just going to get ******.

3) They either want a seasoned veteran or someone young and unexperienced. Either way, you’re not going to be what they want.

4) If you’re too loud they’ll get irritated and know you’re faking it.

5) If you’re too quiet they’ll assume you’re not really into it and just need the money.

6) One guy is in charge of everyone but you’ll never see him unless you screw up.  And everyone knows he’s around, even if you forget.

7) Price is never up for negotiation, and usually the first thing discussed.

8 ) You tell yourself you won’t get roped into doing anything extra that’s outside of the job description, but after they dangle that extra $$ in your face you consider it.

9) If you act too bored or confident they’ll know you do this too often.

10) There are lots of us doing it in broad daylight, but no one seems too concerned about it.


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