About -therottedapple-


-therottedapple-  is a music educator in her 4th of teaching but who has ten years of interview experience.  Come along as we talk about issues in education, how to land the teaching job you want, and hopefully how not to lose your sanity along the way.




4 thoughts on “About -therottedapple-

  1. ‘The rotted apple’ and ‘smashed strawberries’. Decidedly, a trend is shaping up. Must I become a fruit to comment? How about ‘stomped grape’? Maybe ‘gooey guava’? This is the stupidest trace of myself I’ve ever left on a stranger’s blog! Just ignore it!

  2. I forgot to mention I enjoy your blog. And I also wanted to mention that, unlike you, I didn’t even make it through the fifth Harry Potter book. Nor did I see the final two films. I’m awfully proud of that!

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