That Special Time of Year…

As I was lying in bed last night, I came to the startling revelation that I had completely forgotten about this blog.


The only explanation that I could come up with is that when life well.. improves, you tend to spend more time out in it, and less in your own little cyber-world.

To put it simply, the interview I had went extremely well.   They said they would be calling either tonight (Thursday) or the next day (Friday). After spending the few obligatory days in terror, fear, and self-loathing, the principal called me back at 5pm on Friday to give me the good news.

I made it through to the second round!

I had just arrived at the charter school I teach part-time at, so when the phone rang I probably looked like an idiot as I dashed in a circle a few times before darting into an unused classroom.  As the man talked to me, I paced crazily around the round tables, trying to take in what he was saying while not tripping over extension cords.

About 6-7 individuals were interviewed for the first round, and 2-3 are moving on to the next.  This second round will take place on December 14th, which is next Wednesday.  It will be in front of the school board members, and apparently they are just asking us questions.  This seems a little odd, so I’m not sure what to expect.

Usually, a first round interview consists of your standards questions, and if they like you enough, you move onto the second round to teach a demo lesson The decision is made from there.

However, in this case it seems like the opposite is happening. So I don’t know.  I’ll be asking my colleagues for advice on this unique situation.

Here’s the timeline: Interview on the 14th, the school has two days to make their decision and notify the individual. The 18th (Sunday) I have a Christmas party at my gram’s. (This is important to note). The 19th (Monday) is when the individual will be approved as an employee by the school board. This gives the new person 5 days to shadow the current teacher until he leaves FOREVER.

Not the best timeline, giving the new person only a week. Oh well, I’ll do what I can. 😉

SOOO excited, but a little frustrated at the delay. There’s only so much studying you can do for the standard interview questions.

Wish me luck.

ALSO, on the same day I was called for a second interview, I was accepted into grad school. Yes, Friday was a good day indeed.





I was going to wait until tomorrow (actual Thanksgiving) to post this, but I’m home alone and let’s face it, tomorrow I’ll be too busy and sick in the stomach to actually follow through.

Good, great, wonderful news: I have an interview.

I’ve known about this opening since October, but  I try not to make a big deal out of it so that I’m not completely crushed when it falls through. (See the post from last summer, if you forget.)  I’ve made a few friends within this district, talked to others, and I’m thrilled to be one of 5-7 people interviewing for this job.  In exactly a week, I’m to teach a 10 minute lesson to a panel of music teachers and administrators.

Eager to get started, I settled on a recorder lesson. I called a colleague of mine, who is the assistant director of one of the bands I work for.

“An interview! That’s great! What are you going to teach?”


*awkward pause*

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m EXTREMELY thankful for her advice, and am VERY glad she gently pushed me away from that particular lesson, and pointed me in the direction of one better suited for an interview scenario. After playing around with a few things, she gave me something that I think would work great.

I will nail this.

My friends and husband will be forced to sit through my lesson as I practice. That’s the hard thing about doing a demo-lesson: treating the panel like your students. It’s one thing if you’re teaching them math or how to write a paragraph.  I’m going to be telling them to sit in a circle on the floor, singing and dancing with me. That’s a little tougher to do with older people wearing suits.

Regardless, I’m very excited and thankful for the opportunity.  The school is about an hour from where I live, but I NEED this job. Husband and I have no savings now, and we’re just living within our means currently. When summer hits (and there is no more sub work) I’m going to be either be A) screwed or B) bagging groceries. If I’m super lucky it could be C) All of the above.


Got it!

I’m currently reading into the theory of proactive teaching versus reactive teaching. To prepare for next Thursday’s interview, I’m writing a classroom management plan.  When I’m done I’ll share, but for now, I’ll post my lesson plan here for the interview.  At the very least, I can reflect in a week about what worked, and what didn’t.


In anticipation of the holiday season, I leave you with photos of our Merry Christmas last year. (Though mostly of our cats.)

This is our quaint little tree from last year. It’s pretty sweet.

This is Happy Cat, discovering the joy of Christmas. He was only 6 months old at the time.

And here is Snape Cat, hating everything joyous and pretty sure that the tree is a defeatable enemy.

I am thankful to have my husband, my family, and my health, regardless of the fact that there are other things in my life that still aren’t perfect.

Happy Thanksgiving!