Moving Out…and On

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.

There are reasons for that, and they’re quite varied in what they are and how legitimate.

I didn’t get the job that the last post was about. As in typical fashion, they hired someone with experience who had been fired due to furloughs at the end of the last school year.  How pathetically recurring.

The good news? I’ve decided to let it all go.  God has something planned, and I need to quit stressing about it.  It’s like anything else; the moment you stop trying, it’ll happen. Right?

Well, either way it’s made me a happier person.


Possible shakeup coming in my home district, with a definite 1 position open and a possibility of 3. Perhaps I’ll do better this time around. I’m hoping to pull an A in my grad class, so I can claim a 4.0 GPA when I apply. At least then they should interview me. Sigh.

Speaking of the grad class, it’s going O.K.  Last week I pulled it close to the wire completing my assignment (it turned out to be WAY harder than anticipated) and all 43 pages of analysis it warranted. Then to make things better, the online system crashed and I was unable to upload my documents. So, it’s midnight and I’m sending frantic emails to my professors, only to have the system figure itself out 15 minutes later.  Then came the second round of apologetic, embarrassing emails asserting how stupid and idiotic I am, and please PLEASE forgive me for clogging your inbox.

We’ll see what happens.



Agony…No Frustration More Keen.

Yes, this post’s subject posted is lovingly borrowed from Stephen’s Sondheim’s Into the Woods. If you have no clue what that is, here is your slice of culture for the day.  It’s a musical about your favorite story book characters, but with a creepy, adult edge. You’re welcome.

So, what’s the deal?

The interview came and went, and as with most interviews, I feel it went really well.  I’m pretty aware of the fact that I stink at quite a few things, but let me just say that I’m boss when it comes to interviews.

This one was a little upsetting because it was one of my shortest yet; only 15-20 minutes.  I tried not to let that deter me, because they were seeing a lot of people that day, had their questions pre-selected, etc. Plus there were only 3 people interviewing me.

Despite the amount of time, I felt like they were really engaged in what I had to say.  They seemed especially interested in my experiences with another tiny, rural school district like theirs.  They also seemed to like my follow-up question. “What would YOU say is the best quality about this district?”

They concluded with telling me that they would call ‘in a few days’ for second round interviews, which would take place next Wednesday (tomorrow). At this second round, I would be faced with the entire school board, who would make the decision on the spot, approve me, then I would start work this Thursday.  The guy looked me in the eye and said “Is that something you’d be ok with?”

Hell yes, Mr. Principal. Bring it on.

The kicker comes in that a friend of mine who also interviewed got a rejection letter last Saturday. I didn’t receive any such letter. That’s a good thing, you would think.  However, it’s the day before the second round interviews, and I haven’t had a call yet saying I made it either.

If you’re trying to mind-%$^@ me school district, you’re succeeding.

I’m going to give them most of today to call. If they don’t, I’ll call them around 3pm to DEMAND (ask nicely and probably a little pathetically) what’s going on.

So there’s that.

THEN, yesterday I see a facebook status from one of my childhood friends. The company she is working for is hiring.  The job is only a town over from where the spouse and I are moving, and it would be to create and maintain an ebay store for the company (they sell lighting fixtures). I submitted my resume on a whim (I do that a lot) and not only does the friend say she can probably get me a job, but the boss already emailed me back and I could have an interview at the end of the week.

Talk about things that I can’t deal with right now.

It’s not teaching, but it’s $$. No, I don’t know how much yet.  I just don’t know if I can bring myself to get out of teaching. Despite being literally whipped and beaten by the system, I can’t help but feel like it would be giving up to switch careers.

Yep, these are the heavy-hitting issues of my life.

Also, spouse and I are supposed to begin the moving process soon. It would a LOT easier if I got a job, so we could actually go out and….buy curtains. Or something.

I’ve also been roped into doing another musical at the charter school I work at.  Last year I took over the drama program halfway through the year, and forced against her will asked my one friend to help.  We put on Beauty & the Beast Jr. with a group of kids who had never acted or sang before, and it wasn’t too shabby. Here are some pics: (credit for photos goes to the the father-in-law.


You get the idea.

So, I busted my butt to come up with $$ to actually buy the rights, get scripts, music, and you know, be legal about it. This time around I’m not in charge (fine by me!) and the kids want to do a recent movie that isn’t actually a play.

Long story short, it’s even more work than last year. However, that’s not why I’m royally PO’ed.

We thought casting would be pretty easy, since most kids put exactly what they wanted, and it was pretty spread out and evenly distributed. After we posted the cast list, we got “BUT I DIDN’T WAAAANT THAT PART”.

It says right here on the sheet you did.

“Well I’m disappointed in my part so I’m quitting.”

Now, I’m understandably a little upset at this. In a public school drama program if you pull that crap, next time a show comes around you won’t be cast at all due to your bad attitude. However, when this happens at this school, excuses are made. “Oh, well the kids are just fickle and they’re always changing their minds. They don’t know what they want. They’re young.”

Ok, but they’re not stupid.  And teaching them that their actions have absolutely no consequences is not the way I’m running a drama program.

So I might not be participating in the show this time around.

Well, I know it was a long post, but that’s my life.  Hopefully I’ll have an update on the interview status, and we’ll take it from there. If you’ve made it this far, congrats! You’re the proud winner of another silly cat photo. Enjoy.


Luckily for me, There are Worse Things.

Subtitled “Quit being a whiny little young person, because your father-in-law reads this blog.”

Ok, so my last post was a liiiiiiiiiittle emo.


When my mom and dad were my age, they were living in an uncle’s basement (a mean uncle), working 3-4 jobs each, and barely seeing each other.  My dad used to tell stories about working the night shift, since there were after all 24 hours in a day.  Why waste 8-10 of them sleeping?  He worked at a gas station, and would talk about the hookers (yes hookers) who would come into the store at 3am to escape their pimps.  They would clean for my dad, dust, mop, do anything really to just pass the time and forget.

Stories like that make me feel pretty stupid.

Yeah, things are rough. No, I don’t have the job or amount of money that I’d like.  So what, some people my age do. Not everyone is that lucky from the gate, and so many more people are worse off.  In fact, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

Ways life resolved itself in one day after the last post: (ie God was irritated with my whining)

1) We found someone who wants to sublet our apt starting asap.

2) My car is  not dead after all. My dad felt bad when he heard we would cash our savings bonds to fix it, so one of his guys is putting the labor in and trying to make it work. (Side note, I was unaware of the extreme emotional attachment I had to my car until it was almost taken away.)

3) I literally JUST got called for an interview next week.

So… yeah.

More about this interview. (Because I started this draft JUST after getting called, and am finishing the draft after the interview).

Remember the last interview I had where I didn’t get the job? Well, this interview is for a position at the district of the person who got the job. (If that makes any sense.). Her getting the other job means she’s leaving this job. Anyway.

It was my shortest interview to date; 15-20 minutes. I didn’t like that.

They only asked a few questions, but I felt like they were really on board with the few answers I did give. They seemed to really connect with me through my previous experiences at my marching band’s school, since it is small and rural like this district.

Regardless, they said they would call “in a few days” to inform me if I made the second round. Here’s the fun part.  The second round would take place Feb 8th, at 6:45pm. Why? So you can interview in front of the entire school board, they will make a decision on the spot, approve you at the 7pm meeting, and oh, by the way? You start work the next day.


(raises hand slightly)

I’ll do it!